Humans are a playable species in the Alien vs Predator Expansion. Most humans featuring will be Marines.

Colonial Marines on exercise


Health: 80

Strength: 15

Influence: 3

Stealth: 2

Marksmanship: 6

Crafting: 4

Tech Skill: 3


A Marine in berserker armour


For available weapons, see AVP: Weapons. Marines start with a combat vest, combat knife, and an M41 Pulse Rifle. They also have $50.

Marines can wear combat vests, which give a 5% damage reduction. This is given as standard. Other armours are:

Armour Reduction RRP Notes
Body Armour 15% $100 5% against heat
Power Armour 30% $1000 10% against heat, 20% against elec, 50% against acid
Berserker Armour 50% $5000 40% against heat, 80% against elec, 100% against acid. Slow moving

They can also purchase the following items:

Item Function RRP Notes
IR Goggles +2 to stealth rolls $10
Motion Scanner Automatic foe detection $50
First Aid Kit Allows 4 20hp heals. 50hp if from medic. $25
Nutragel Absorbs 100pts of acid damage, then is irrecoverable. Attached to armour $50
Location Finder Allows other humans to know the character's location at all times $20

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