Aoarus Stats

Health Range:


Strength Range (Unarmed) :


Base Influence


Base Stealth


Base Marksmanship


Base Tech Skill


Base Crafting


The Aoarus are a race of malevolent, class XI sapients which have been encountered in the Viperius Galaxy. They are highly aggressive and dangerous.

They are non-playable.


Melee Weapons:

Name Type Damage RRP Notes
Aoarus Blade Medium Base+80 (sla) black market 2000c
Aoarus Multiblade Medium Base+80 (sla) black market 4000c can attack 4 times

Ranged Weapons:

Weapon Type Damage Shots/turn Range Accuracy RRP Notes
Aoarus Fan Beam M 300 (h) 2 10-160m 1 in 2 1800c black market
Aoarus Repeater Sword-Launcher M 80 (sla) 3 2-90m 1 in 2 1000c, black market only
Aoarus Missile Repeater M 90 (expl) 5 10-140m 1 in 3 3000c black market Area effect
Aoarus Seeking Missile Repeater M 94 (expl) 4 9-180m 1 in 1 6000c black market Area effect
Aoarus Devourer M 200 (k) 2 5-150m 1 in 2 2100c, black market Area effect
Aoarus Great Devourer H 400 (k) 3 10-300m 1 in 2 5600c, black market

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