• Pinguinus

    While Toothless and I were brainstorming possible concepts for the future KoT episode based off of "The Grave Robbers", the subject of the Krillitane homeworld was brought up.

    A quick search on Tardis Index File revealed that there is no canon information concerning their planet. Obviously it will have to be fanoned.

    Doing some quick solo brainstorming, I have come up with a couple of concepts for the Krillitane homeworld, which I will hereby refer to as Krillith simply because that sounds cool to me. I request input on which of these sounds best for our purposes.

    In this concept, Krillith has historically been a world rich in resources, and located in a strategic position in space. Because of this, the planet has been occupied over the centu…

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  • Holbenilord

    This is a blog post because it is for everyone to look at. Recently there has been the suggestion that a new attribute, called Agility or something synoynmous, could be introduced to represent the ability to dodge in close combat, or get around a defender in attack. I do not want to go into the madness that would be grappling because no system to my knowledge has managed to produce a simple mechanic for it and HOTM has no movement system anyway.

    I personally like HOTM as a narrative-driven system where the dice represent the effects of chance, since human minds aren't very good at true randomness and tend to put undue stress on improbable things. I don't want it to be like the mass of rolling and modifying that I am told Dungeons and Dragon…

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  • Pinguinus

    As we all know, most Multiverses articles have been deleted and moved to Shoutwiki. This at first boggled my mind. What is the in-universe explanation for this?, I asked myself. Well, after a long night of watching the Doctor Who season 5 finale, it struck me like a Dalek extermination beam. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the continuity. :)

    It all started in 4.000(.024) AM, when a Wazelian artist inadvertantly painted a picture of the TARDIS exploding. The painting went into private collections, and eventually came into the ownership of Nutay Rinkam, and old friend of the Doctor (he had helped her when the Daleks were posing as Zyrothan inventions during the Keel War). Using a timey-wimey phone, she called upon River Song.

    Alarmed by her new k…

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  • Pinguinus


    December 12, 2012 by Pinguinus

    Tanks are armoured vehicles used by many of the world's militaries for frontline combat. This blog post outlines key points of a tank's design, and suggestions of how to incorporate these factors into HotM stats.

    Tanks are usually controlled by four people; the commander, the driver, the gunner, and the loader. The tanks effectiveness will be drastically reduced each time a crew member is killed or incapacitated. However, the tank's armour will likely protect them from most weaponry.

    The key advantage of a tank is its armour, which allows the tank to operate under fire while still carrying out its objective. Most modern tanks, such as the M1 Abrams, use "reactive armour", which uses a minute explosive to adjust itself and thus recover from m…

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  • Toothless100

    Pinguinus said he was going to make a blog about this, but contacted me instead seeing as I'm the only really active user round here.

    Basically, we're considering having a mechanic for group vs group battles, to avoid an awful lot of complications and tiresome dice rolling. I came up with a basic method that may or may not work, which I explained on User talk:Pinguinus, and will explain below as well.

    Anyways, this blog is where I'm going try out a group vs group battle using the mechanic. I shall use 6 Cybermen vs 6 Sontarans. For simplicity, the Cybermen are all wielding basic Cyberblasters, and the Sontarans all have Sontaran blasters.

    • The entire group has the combined HP of all the individuals (for example, a group of five Daleks has 1000…

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  • Pinguinus


    May 31, 2012 by Pinguinus

    Here, I wish to propose a new character class for Heroes o the Multiverses. If it is pleasing to thee, please copy and paste it unto its own article.

    Hunter is a playable character class. Hunters are able to perform outdoors with great efficiency.

    Due to their lifestyle requirements, Hunter characters start with +3 Stealth and +2 Marksmanship.

    Abilities can be used once per turn.

    Butcher: The Hunter can skin, cook, and eat a reasonably slain creature. For purposes of gameplay, it is assumed that most alien animals will be edible. This action restores lost Health.

    Track: The Hunter can study the ground, and thus learn what beings have been in the area, and where they went.

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  • Toothless100

    This is where I will do random brainstorming for the DW Expansion.

    I'm not going to brainstorm equipment, because I am not very good at that, but instead, these are a list of species that have no weaponry and/or armour.

    • DW: Blowfish
    • DW: Catkind
    • DW: Graske
    • DW: Krillitane
    • DW: Multi-form
    • DW: Ood
    • DW: Tree of Cheem
    • DW: Vinvocci
    • DW: Thals have weapons but no armour.

    Playable? No
    Health 125
    Strength 30
    Stealth 1

    Playable? No
    Health 100
    Strength 10
    Stealth 3

    Gelth are gaseous creatures. In their natural form, they cannot be harmed by physical damage, but are flammable and therefore vulnerable to heat attacks. They can also possess and animate corpses.

    The Vashta Nerada is a swam that resides in shadows, capable of stripping the flesh from a human in seconds. They often creat…

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  • Pinguinus

    Expansion Poll

    May 28, 2012 by Pinguinus

    This poll is meant to address a simple question: what should be the next HotM expansion?

    The Next Expansion Byaha Extreme Expansion Firefly Expansion Primeval Expansion Superhero Expansion Jurassic Park Expansion Medieval Universes Expansion Or shall we keep working on the Doctor Who Expansion? Or are any new expansions even needed?

    Feel free to add a new canidate.

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  • Pinguinus


    December 4, 2011 by Pinguinus

    This is a list of expansions I wish to get a chance to create sometime. Please comment on the ideas, and state whether you would want to play them.

    I know. It's a big list. But I like RPGs. :P

    • Jurassic Park
    • Primeval
    • Men in Black
    • Lord of the Rings
    • Marvel Comics
    • Greek Mythology
    • Norse Mythology
    • Star Wars
    • Star Trek
    • Stargate
    • Tailchasers Song
    • Riftwar Saga
    • Harry Potter
    • Belgariad
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Firefly
    • Terminator
    • District 9
    • Animal Planet
    • The Time Machine
    • Battle: Los Angeles
    • Troll Hunter
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  • Pinguinus

    Read this! It is absolutely HILARIOUS! It's a comic strip showing what The Lord of the Rings movies would have been like if they were a game of Dungeons and Dragons. HILARIOUS. :D

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  • Holbenilord

    100 articles!

    October 27, 2011 by Holbenilord

    HOTM has one hundred articles! Our little project ain't so little any more...

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  • Pinguinus

    Game Namespace

    October 21, 2011 by Pinguinus

    As I mentioned on the main page, I am considering removing the Gameboard and replacing it with a "Game" namespace. Also, I am thinking about expanding the role of the wiki for other settings using Heroes of the Multiverses rules; for example, a Doctor Who or Star Trek RPG.

    I would appreciate any and all feedback from our users.

    Pinguinus impennis 20:32, October 21, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Toothless100

    Rescue the Scarabians

    September 5, 2011 by Toothless100

    Rescue the Scarabians - see link for rules, objective and map.

    This quest can be done solo, and is part of my Solo RPG as Zemocy. When on the map, note that after Z, the next column is AA, AB, AC etc, etc. So, here is my attempt:

    • Zemocy moves from AE5 to AE6.
    • Zemocy moves from AE6 to AD10. He is on the glacier!
    • Zemocy moves from AD10 to AC11. You have rescued 1 scarabian!
    • Zemocy moves from AC11 to AC13.
    • Zemocy moves from AC13 to Z14.
    • Zemocy moves from Z14 to Z16.
    • Zemocy moves from Z16 to AD17. He is off the glacier! He is on the black ice!
    • Zemocy rolls odd! Zemocy falls through the ice and dies from the cold!

    Dammit. Stupid dice.

    Take 2:

    • Zemocy moves from AE5 to AE7.
    • Zemocy moves from AE7 to AE10. He is on the glacier!
    • Zemocy moves from AE10 to AC11. Yo…

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  • Pinguinus

    Meaningless Stats

    September 5, 2011 by Pinguinus

    Because I'm bored, I'm writing a bunch of meaningless stats for creatures that don't exist in Obeidon. I'll probably use some of these in other RPGs. If you have a problem with this, feel free to mention it on my talk page. Also, you can use them yourself if you like, although I can't figure out what you might use them for.








    Giant Ant:Health:120:Strength:30

    Giant Hornet:Health:120:Strength:30 (roll die. If odd number, then opponet is instantly killed with a sting)


    Chupacabras:Health:60:Strength:20 (- 10…

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  • Toothless100

    Egg Thief

    September 4, 2011 by Toothless100

    Egg Thief - see link for rules, objective and map.

    Egg Thief is a quest on Dragovia that can be done alone. This is part of my Solo RPG, so check the main blog for rules, etc. The medic in this fight has 115 health. So, this is my attempt at Egg Thief:

    • Zemocy moves from D10 to E10.
    • Zemocy moves from E10 to G6.
    • Zemocy moves from G6 to M6. He is on the volcano!
    • Zemocy moves from M6 to N5.
    • Zemocy moves from N5 to P5.
    • Zemocy moves from P5 to R5.
    • Zemocy moves from R5 to T5. He is off the volcano!
    • Zemocy moves from T5 to Z8.
    • Zemocy moves from Z8 to AE8.
    • Zemocy moves from AE8 to AE13.
    • Zemocy moves from AE13 to AE16.
    • Zemocy moves from AE16 to AE20.
    • A male Poison Dart Serpent rushes out to engage Zemocy!
    • Zemocy fires his Energy Gun! Hit! Does 70 damage to Poison …

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  • Toothless100

    My Solo RPG

    September 4, 2011 by Toothless100

    As most listed quests on this site can be done solo, I have started a solo RPG as Zemocy. This is the narrative. Just note once I reach Z on the board, I call the next column AA, AB, AC and so on. Now, let us begin:

    • You are Zemocy. Your adventure begins in a Gaedrongo city on Tropica, in Dragovia. You can choose from the weapons Heavy Assault Rifle, Plasma Rifle and Energy Gun. You are wearing Gaedrongo Torso Armour. On the Dragovia world map, you are in D18. On the city map, you are in AD9.
    • Zemocy moves from AD9 to Y9.
    • Zemocy moves from Y9 to S9.
    • Zemocy moves from S9 to N9.
    • Zemocy moves from N9 to L9.
    • Zemocy moves from L9 to F9.
    • Zemocy moves from F9 to E5.
    • A poor family are occupying this hexagon. You talk to them.
    • Father: We are a poor, starving …
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  • Toothless100

    Dragon Hunt

    September 4, 2011 by Toothless100

    Dragon Hunt - see link for rules, objective and map.

    As this quest can be done alone, thought I'd give it a go. I played with four Armoured Spiketails, on T3, Z16, AC6, AE11. Note that when I got to Z, I named the next column AA, AB, AC and so on. Here was the result of the quest:

    • Zemocy moves from F15 to J18
    • Zemocy moves from J18 to L18
    • Zemocy moves from L18 to Q19. He is in the river!
    • Zemocy rolls even! He moves to R19. He is out of the river!
    • Zemocy moves from R19 to W17.
    • Zemocy moves from W17 to Z16. He finds an Armoured Spiketail! He engages the Armoured Spiketail!
    • Zemocy fires his Heavy Assault Rifle! Hit! Does 75 damage to the Armoured Spiketail!
    • Armoured Spiketail attacks! Does 48 damage to Zemocy.
    • The Armoured Spiketail takes 10 damage!
    • Zemo…
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  • Toothless100

    Frostbite Fear

    September 4, 2011 by Toothless100

    Frostbite Fear - see link for rules, objectives and map.

    Figured this could be played alone, so I gave it a go. Retractor-hand Dragons were on hexagons Y5, W12, AE5, and the Frostbite was on AF18. When I went past Z, I did AA, AB, AC, etc. And just so you know, I judged Medic success the same way as a hit; even is successful, odd is not. Here's the result:

    • Zemocy moves from F14 to F13.
    • Zemocy moves from F13 to F9.
    • Zemocy moves from F9 to F6.
    • Zemocy moves from F6 to I5
    • Zemocy moves from I5 to K4. He is on the glacier!
    • Zemocy moves from K4 to M3.
    • Zemocy moves from M3 to O2. He is off the glacier!
    • Zemocy moves from O2 to R3.
    • Zemocy moves from R3 to V7.
    • Zemocy moves from V7 to X12.
    • Zemocy moves from X12 to X13.
    • Zemocy moves from X13 to AB17.
    • Zemocy moves fr…
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  • Toothless100

    Playing Online

    September 3, 2011 by Toothless100

    If you go to the Quests page and look at the comments, you'll see we've been considering playing this RPG online, using a forum. We've sworn an honesty thing so we won't cheat, but since the maps are (obviously) not one-direction, how will we explain where on the board(s) we are? Because with hexagons its hard to do a E3, A7, thing. And I don't want to upload millions of pictures with an extra dot that shows where I am.

    And we'll need to decide on a DM (or GM, whatever you want to call it) who will have to set stuff up. If we do play, I do not want to be the DM. I'm new to pen-and-paper RPGing.

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  • Dyga19

    Joining Up :-)

    September 3, 2011 by Dyga19

    So, I've decided to join the RPG. What should be my first step in getting involved? And can I have some links to creatures, planets, races, etc. so I can start adding my own? I just want to see some examples before I get started. Also, what do you guys think about incorporating the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. System into character creation and NPC design?

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  • Toothless100

    Toothless presents...

    September 3, 2011 by Toothless100

    ... the agony saver!

    Use as much or little of this for your boards as you like. Not perfect, but at least you don't have to do it yourself! (highly advised against)

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  • Holbenilord


    September 1, 2011 by Holbenilord

    (Here it is)

    Equipment: Skarg Hand Cannon, Combat Knife, Skarg Armour

    History: Grenr was born in space, 23 years ago. His parents were both in a mercenary group- specifically, the Iron Skulls. He grew up travelling from world to world, often left on his own in the streets while his parents did jobs.

    Eventually, his father turned on his gang and killed Grenr's mother as well as the other mercenaries. He took Grenr away, aged only 6, and moved to the planet Penitis.

    His father got Grenr a place working in the quarries, with many other young Skarg. He didn't get on well, and spent much of his time fighting. Once, while he was working, a group of Iron Skulls visited and shot his father dead on a city street. The organisation gradually took over, a…

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  • Toothless100

    Planet Articles

    September 1, 2011 by Toothless100

    All check out Skogland.

    I think we should do all planet articles like that. We need basic info, like Climate and Size. Cause if say a Lentaa went to Kerar, it would be affected by the much stronger gravity - if an Alma came to Skogland, it would be affected by the much higher temperatures.

    We should have a list of species and links. Playable and non-playable is optional, and if you are just linking to the Multiverses page, you will have to add the stats next to the name as well.

    Finally, a list of quests taking place on that planet, linked to by linking to Quests#

    What do you guys think?

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  • Toothless100


    September 1, 2011 by Toothless100

    Just something that occurred to me.

    A lot of Multiverses creatures can do various things to their opponents, i.e, poison, or stun, so I think we need to work on the mechanics of these kind of things. Like electro-based weaponry. It 'stuns' but for how long? I did something with Maly-Kauhu about its venom... wondering what you guys think. He he he. Get poisoned by a Maly-Kauhu and you have three turns to finish it off... or else.

    And of course, if a creature CAN inject venom, how do you tell the difference between it doing a normal hit, or injecting venom. For Maly-Kauhu, I said only a six counts as injecting venom... again, what do you think?

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  • Styracosaurus Rider


    Anyway, yeah, hi.

    Couple of queries:

    • The Atrenids. Centro is a nice starting point, but I'm suspicious about Kaventro. It's a good research world, but should they actually originate on Petaurista, or Novus? (Rescuing species from Petaurista before it kicks the bucket might be a good quest, though.)
    • Gehennians. How would it be possible to play them easily? Would they have to be played by the Gamemaster?
    • I also suggest that information about Skrap be kept to a minimum until I can get its fiction up... :)
    • And boy, the Terrortooth is sure gonna be epic here.
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  • Holbenilord

    Just Joined

    August 31, 2011 by Holbenilord

    Popped in. Should there be armour mechanics, different types of damage, shops?

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