Drastok is a Silurian scientist.


Health: 70

Strength: 15 (plus laser eye; does 50 on a 5 or 6)

Influence: 3

Stealth: 3

Marksmanship: 6

Crafting: 7

Tech Skill: 5

Psionics: 3


  • Energy Gun
  • Silurian Armor
  • Looted Plasma Cannon (with SIX SHOTS PER TURN)


Lived in the Cretaceous. Accidentally slipped into a Time Agent reconaissance mission. Teleported to the 51st century. Hired by the Ecology Bureau. Got a pet dinosaur. Wrote a book. Found a Vortex Manipulator. Lost it. Ended up in a bar fight with a Zygon. Didn't end well. Wrote another book. Awaiting next adventure.

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