Eclipse Kingfisher (nicknamed "Fisher" by her friends" is a 21st Century Human. Since 2012, she has been a companion of the Doctor. She is a Medic.


Health: 75

Strength: 15

Stealth: 2

Influence: 5

Marksmanship: 12

Crafting: 1

Tech Skill: 3

DW: Psionics: 5


Eclipse Kingfisher is average in appearance. She stands 5' 4 inches, and has black hair. She prefers pants to skirts, for reasons of mobility.


She is generally kind and generous, but occasionally shows a savage streak when facing enemies.


For the first 18 years of her life, Eclipse lived in a small town in eastern Alaska, where she worked as a nurse. She lived alone, as her family had died in her youth after a mysterious incident involving a motorboat.

In the year 2012, Eclipse became caught in the crossfire of a viious battle between two alien races: the Sontarans and the Seismar. A renegade Time Lord called the Doctor rescued her, and she shortly aided him in quest to stop the battle. During the course of the incident, she was accidentally "infected" with Seismar telepathy, giving her Psionic powers of her own.

Afterwards, the Doctor agreed to take her on as a companion. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


Combat Knife, Mossburg 500

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