Grenr Stats
Skarg torso









Strength (Unarmed) :










Tech Skill


Equipment: Skarg Hand Cannon, Shock Rifle, Gladius Assault Rifle, Stonecutter SMG, Combat Knife, net gun (5 spare nets) Skarg Armour, 1800c.

Deohe baby.

History: Grenr was born in space, 23 years ago. His parents were both in a mercenary group- specifically, the Iron Skulls. He grew up travelling from world to world, often left on his own in the streets while his parents did jobs.

Eventually, his father turned on his gang and killed Grenr's mother as well as the other mercenaries. He took Grenr away, aged only 6, and moved to the planet Penitis.

His father got Grenr a place working in the quarries, with many other young Skarg. He didn't get on well, and spent much of his time fighting. Once, while he was working, a group of Iron Skulls visited and shot his father dead on a city street. The organisation gradually took over, and the quarry was closed as all its workers joined up.

Grenr then had to look after himself. He was a private mercenary, aged only 14, and did much work under several customers, incurring the wrath of the Iron Skulls.

After a drawn-out siege of his house, he slew all the mercenaries attacking. However, he then had to flee and stole a merchant spaceship, flying to Centro.

While in Centro, he got a job working for Elkos Combine Security. However, he was fired after several complaints.

Turning freelance again, he was paid by Centro's space policing authorities to help manage pirating. He had the highest kill number of the hired privateers, and became very well to do.

At 19, he took up a security post at a spaceport, and bullied his boss into letting him spend almost all time off. Here, he met a female Skarg and they engaged in a relationship.

However, the Iron Skulls found them again. They murdered his girlfriend and burned down his house, stealing all his possessions.

Unarmed, he hunted them down one by one. He was caught in the act by a police squad, and imprisoned for two months. At then end of this time, he was exiled.

He is currently up for hire on Skrap.