Jellush is a Warrior-class Rutan (space jellyfish) from Ruta III. His parents were killed in a Sontaran battle, and with his inheritance, he bought a space ship to follow their last wish of getting away from the war. He's managed to let go of the pain of his loss, and wanders the stars as a traveller.


Health: 75

Strength: 20 (elec, causes stunning)

Influence: 4

Stealth: 5

Marksmanship: 6 (can choose from two rolls)

Crafting: 1

Tech Skill: 5

Psionics: 11 (can use all powers once a turn)

Jellush can duel-wield medium weapons, quad-wield light weapons, and use all psionic powers once a turn, as well as being able to Frenzy (doubling attack output).

Shapeshifter: After killing an enemy with its tentacles, the Rutan may assume the stats of the fallen foe as its own, while at the same time disguising itself as that entity. Does not work with cybernetic enemies.

Static field: Rutans can use their bioelectric power to produce a static field around themselves. This does nothing to stop kinetic projectiles, but gives +25% armour against heat and electric attacks.

Rutans can survive in space and in hostile planetary conditions, preferring cold environments.


Jellush has:


2 lightning pistols (light weapon, 30 electric damage, 1 shot per turn, 20 metre range, stuns, 1 in 3 hit chance)


Rutan combat armour (-20% damage)


Jellush's spaceship is the Dull Diamond ( 25,000 armour and 25,000 shields, speed 60 and hyperspace travel). It uses a crystal beam (5000 damage, beam, 1 in 1 hit chance).

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