Uriel is a multi-form. He is currently a member of the poorer caste of society, as his spaceship is fairly bare. 


Health: 70

Strength: 20

Agility: 7

Influence: 1

Stealth: 10

Marksmanship: 6

Crafting: 1

Tech Skill: 10

Psionics: 5


Ethereal Serpent: Multi-forms are snake-like creatures that can climb walls and along ceilings with ease. They gain +3 STE and +1 AGI within buildings. They are immune to bleeding, burning, exhaustion, stun, and venom/poison.

Fangtooth: Multi-form teeth give the user +10 STR in close combat and do (sla) damage. They cause bleeding.

Shapeshift: A Multi-form can attempt to form a psychic connection with a biological entity to enable shapeshifting. This action cannot be performed on entities with greater than 1 Psionics. If they succeed, they may imitate that being, taking their influence, stealth, marksmanship, crafting and tech skill, as well as any special abilities. If the Multi-form takes damage, the imitation stops and its form reverts to normal without taking damage. Note that this means the first attack against a Multi-form will do no harm to it.

Aim for the Head: This turn, the character's ranged weapon does +10 damage.

Into The Shadows: The character gains +3 stealth for two turns.


Ship- 700 health, no weaponry

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