The Chelonians are a species of upright turtle-like sapients in the Doctor Who Expansion. They are hermaphroditic egg-layers.
Chelonian Body Bank


Health: 85

Strength: 16

Agility: 2

Influence: 3

Stealth: 1

Marksmanship: 4

Crafting: 2

Tech Skill: 2

Psionics: 0

Chelonian shells give them 20% armour against conventional attacks and 15% armour against heat damage.


Chelonian classes.



Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy RRP Notes
Hydraulic Arm L Base+20 (blt) - - Melee
Gigga-Kill Pistol L 30 (h) 3 1 in 3
Gigga-Kill Carbine M 50 (h) 2 1 in 2
Gigga-Kill Cannon H 105 (h) 1 1 in 2


Name Damage Reduction RRP Notes
Reinforced Shell +15% +5% against heat
Testudo Plates +30% +10% against heat, elec

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