Cro-Magnons are a species of hominid that can be encountered in the Ice Age in the Doctor Who Expansion. They are sapient and can give quests.



Cro-magnons make weapons out of wood, stone, and bone.

Name Type Damage (Shots/turn) (Range) (Accuracy) Notes
Spear M Base+20 (prc) - - -
Flint-Headed Spear M Base+30 (prc) - - -
Bone axe L Base+25 (blt) - - -
Flint Axe L Base+35 (blt) - - -
Throwing spear M 32 (k) 1 60m 1 in 3
Spear-Chucker M 50 (k) 1 100m 1 in 3
Atlatl M 30 (k) 1 100m 1 in 2 Blowgun-type weapon
Flaming Torch M 20 (h) - - - Scary, causes burning

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