The Imperial Daleks are the Daleks controlled by Davros in the Dalek Civil War.
Imperial daleks group

Two Imperial Daleks

Imperial Dalek StatsEdit

Imperial Dalek:

Health: 150

Strength: 18

Agility: 0

Influence: 4

Stealth: 1

Marksmanship: 6

Tech Skill: 6

Crafting: 2

Has a plunger and a death ray.

Imperial Dalek Commander:

Health: 180

Strength: 18

Agility: 1

Influence: 5

Stealth: 1

Marksmanship: 7

Tech Skill: 6

Crafting: 3

Has a plunger and a death ray.

Special Weapons Dalek:

Health: 250
Specialweapons imperial

A Imperial Special Weapons dalek

Strength: 25

Agility: 0

Influence: 1

Stealth: 1

Marksmanship: 8

Tech Skill: 3

Crafting: 0

Has a special weapons cannon.


Imperial Daleks have polycarbide shells, giving them a 80% reduction to conventional damage, a 50% reduction to heat damage, and a 70% reduction to electric damage. The Special Weapons Dalek has a 85% resistance to conventional damage, a 70% resistance to heat and electric, and a 60% resistance to exotic damage.

All Imperial Daleks are immune to all conditions except blinding.

Their plungers do Base+5 blunt damage.

Their weapons have the following stats:

Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy Notes
Death ray M 120 (h) 1 1 in 2
Death ray v2 M 140 (h) 1 1 in 2
Special Weapons Cannon H 250 (h) + 50 (elec) 1 1 in 2 Area effect


Imperial Daleks can levitate, but not much more than a foot from the ground.


Imperial Daleks have Motherships and shuttles.
Imperial dalek mothership over earth

The Imperial Dalek Mothership over Earth

The Mothership has 200,000 armour and 40,000 shields.

It has 70 speed and transmat beams, as well as hyperspace travel.

It carries several thousand Daleks.

It has the following weapons:

Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy Blast Radius Notes
Atomic Cannon Cannon 6,000 2 1 in 2 200m
Lasers Beam 500 4 1 in 1 1m
Bombs Bomb 600,000 (expl) 1 1 in 2 100,000km

The shuttles can carry ten Daleks, and have the lasers that the Mothership has.

They have 7,000 armour, 2,000 shields, and 40 speed.

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