Time War Daleks are those Daleks which were based on a design used in the Great Time War between the Daleks and the Time Lords.
Time war dalek

A Time War Dalek soldier

Base Dalek StatsEdit

Health: 200

Strength: 20

Agility: 2

Influence: 3
Dalek emperor

The Dalek Emperor GOD OF ALL DALEKS

Stealth: 1

Marksmanship: 9

Tech Skill: 10

Crafting: 4

Other Daleks have different stats:

Dalek EmperorEdit

Health: 450

Influence: 8

Other stats inapplicable.

Dalek SupremeEdit

Health: 240

Strength: 20

Agility: 3
Supreme dalek tw

Dalek Sec, a supreme

Influence: 5

Stealth: 1

Marksmanship: 10

Tech Skill: 10

Crafting: 5


Dalek shells are constructed from Dalekanium, which is also their Armour. It gives a 80% reduction to conventional damage, an 70% reduction to electric damage, and a 60% reduction to heat damage. They also get 30% against exotic attacks. All Time War Daleks are immune to all conditions.

They also have force fields, which provide a +70% reduction to conventional damage (up to 99%), a +60% reduction to electric damage (up to 99%), and a +35% reduction to heat damage. During the Time War, Daleks were equipped with Temporal Shielding. Daleks possess effectors which allow them to use technology at a distance, similar to sonic or laser screwdrivers.

All Dalek equipment is unlootable.

Their plunger arms do Base+10 damage (blt). They can also be used to extract information from the brains of dead enemies.

Gunsticks can be used in the following ways:

Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy Notes
Gunstick (stun) M 25 (elec) 2 1 in 2 Stuns
Gunstick (paralyse) M 10 (elec) 1 1 in 1 Paralyses
Gunstick (lo) M 50 (h) 2 1 in 1
Gunstick (med) M 120 (h) 1 1 in 2
Gunstick (hi) M 500 (h) 1 1 in 2 Area effect
Gunstick (lasbomb) M 80 (expl) 2 1 in 3

Area effect

Other Dalek weapons have different rules:

Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy Notes
Royal Guard Gunstick M 280 (h) + 100 (elec) 1 1 in 2
Blowtorch Claw M 500 (h) - - Only in close combat
Special Weapons Cannon H 500 (h) + 300 (elec) 1 1 in 2 Area effect
Self-Destruct L 10,000 armour-ignoring to user, 200 (expl) to others nearby 1 - Area effect



Daleks flying

Daleks can either carry two medium weapons or one heavy weapon. They can carry as many Dalek light weapons as they want.

These Daleks can levitate, and fly over enemies. They can also detect mines, invisible creatures, and the species of their enemies. They are immune to Psionics.

Certain Daleks possess an Emergency Temporal Shift.


Dalek Saucers have 250,000 armour, 150,000 shields, and 90 speed.

The Mothership and several Saucers

It also has transmat beams.

A single ship can house thousands of Daleks, and has a commander.

The saucers have the following weapons:

Weapon Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy Blast radius Notes
Missiles Missile 18,000 4 1 in 2 100m
Flak lasers Beam 800 20 1 in 3 5m Point defence
Saucer Cannon Beam 10,000 1 1 in 2 50m Beam
Ruby Laser Beam 30,000 1 1 in 1 10m Beam
Atomic Cannon Cannon 25,000 2 1 in 2 500m Atomic
Small bombs Bomb 80,000 2 1 in 2 1000m
Planet bombs Bomb 5,000,000 1 1 in 2 500,000m

Dalek saucers can also create Time Corridors and travel in hyperspace.

The Dalek Mothership is the same, except with 550,000 armour and 350,000 shields.

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