The Raston Hardware Company is a time-active commerical organisation that sells robots and robotic components to customers. They are well known for a publicity campaign claiming that their robots are artifacts from when the Time Lords where young, whereas in actuality they are built in a warehouse on the moon of Tersurus.

Raston Warrior RobotEdit

The most perfect killing machines ever devised, these androids move faster than the eye can see and can produce a whole array of deadly weapons from their interior dispulsive mass-space pocket (patent pending) at a rate of fire exceeding even the Hedhel-176. Programmed to be completely obedient to their controller and take simulated joy in dispatching their targets, these can be yours for just a class-15 transfer! Order yours this meta-day!

- Raston Catalogue

Health: 170

Strength: 30

Agility: 6

Stealth: 5

Marksmanship: 8

Tech Skill: 3

Durable Synthoskeleton: These robots have 50% armour which also affects electric and heat attacks. They are immune to Emergency Reboot and Short-Circuit.

Reformation Module: If a Raston Warrior Robot is destroyed with an overkill of 50 damage or less, they will reform next turn with 50% max HP. They may attack immediately upon reforming.

Multi-Weapon Launcher Units: These robots may fire any one of the following as their shooting attack:

Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy Range Notes
Spears L 50 (k) 2 1 in 2
Jagged Disc L 80 (k) 1 1 in 2 Causes Bleeding, Major Wound
Blades L 35 (k) 4 1 in 2
Lightning L 40 (elec) 1 1 in 1
Heat Ray L 50 (h) 1 1 in 2

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