The Raxacoricofallapatorians are a race of sapient calcium-based lifeforms in the Doctor Who Expansion. Raxacoricofallapatorian players can remove the skins of humans, and use them as disguises.

Exposure to vinegar will cause 30 (chem) damage.


Health: 100

Strength: 30 (sla)

Agility: 2

Influence: 4

Stealth: 5

Marksmanship: 1

Crafting: 1

Tech Skill: 4

Psionics: 0 (cannot upgrade)


Available classes.


Large Claws: The player may attack twice per turn in close combat.

Skin Suit: Player may remove the skin of a dead adult human and wear it as a disguise.

Poison Dart: Female characters may fire a poison dart from her finger, causing 15 (k) damage and inflicting -20/turn venom. This weapon is 1 in 1 to hit but may only be used once per game.

Acute Senses: Raxacoricofallapatorians can ask for successful Stealth rolls by nearby foes to be re-rolled, but must accept the second result.




Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy Range Notes
Compressor Pistol L 40 (k) 1 1 in 2 20m
Compressor Rifle M 70 (k) 1 1 in 2 70m
Compressor Cannon H 100 (k) 1 1 in 2 60m
Dart MG M 20 (k) 5 1 in 3 50m 20 dmg venom


Name Damage Reduction Notes
Armour Robes 10% 10% against heat, elec
Defensive Compression Field +20% To max. 95%
Kinetic Field 90% Not compatible with any other armour

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