The Rutans are a playable race of jellyfish-like aliens in the Doctor Who Expansion. The Rutan Host is at war with the Sontarans.


Health: 75

Strength: 20 (elec, causes stunning)

Agility: 4

Influence: 4

Stealth: 4

Marksmanship: 5

Crafting: 1

Tech Skill: 5

Psionics: 1


Rutan classes.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Dual-Wielding is easier for Rutans, as they have multiple tentacles. A single Rutan may fire four light weapons on the same turn. They may still only wield one medium weapon at a time, though (Warriors can wield two as normal).

Shapeshifter: After killing an enemy with its tentacles, the Rutan may assume the Health, Strength, Agility, and Stealth of the fallen foe as its own, while at the same time disguising itself as that entity. Does not work with cybernetic enemies.

Static field: Rutans can use their bioelectric power to produce a static field around themselves. This does nothing to stop kinetic projectiles, but gives +25% armour against heat and electric attacks.

Hardy: Rutans can survive in space and in hostile planetary conditions, preferring cold environments. They are immune to venom/poison, blinding, and weakness.


The equipment of the Rutan Host. Rutan players start with two items of light or medium weaponry, one item of armour, and one miscellaneous item.


Weapons of the Rutans.

Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy Range Notes
Lightning pistol L 30 (elec) 1 1 in 3 20m Stuns
Spark pistol L 60 (elec) 1 1 in 3 40m
Shard pistol L 35 (k) 2 1 in 2 5-45m Causes bleeding
Lightning carbine M 140 (elec) 2 1 in 2 50m Stuns
Spark carbine M 200 (elec) 1 1 in 2 80m
Shard Gun M 60 (k) 3 1 in 2 5-80m Causes bleeding
Flame Crystal Launcher M 40 (h) 2 1 in 2 5-40m Causes burning
Venom Crystal Launcher M 50 (k) 2 1 in 2 5-40m 20 dmg/turn venom
Net Crystal Launcher M 10 (k) 1 1 in 2 1-30m Net
AM-converter rifle M 200 (ex) 2 1 in 2 20-100m
Tesla carbine M 300 (elec) 1 1 in 1 80m Paralyses
AM-converter cannon H 400 (ex) 1 1 in 2 30-120m
Shard artillery H 90 (k) 5 1 in 2 10-70m Causes bleeding
Tesla artillery H 500 (elec) 4 1 in 1 90m Paralyses
Tesla annihilator H 1000 (elec) 2 1 in 1 180m Paralyses, causes burning, weakens


Armour for Rutans.

Name DMG reduction Notes
Rutan Combat Armour 20%
Rutan Melee Armour 25% A foe striking the wearer in melee suffers from bleeding.
Static Field Amplifier +20% +20% against heat, elec, ex
Lightning Field 30% 50% against heat, elec, ex. Cannot be used at the same time as static field
Tesla Field +5% 95% against heat, elec. 50% against ex. Cannot be used at the same time as any other field.


Miscellaneous equipment.

Name Effects Notes
Nematocysts All melee attacks cause 10 dmg/turn poison
Enhanced Electrogeneration User has 2x strength
Redundant Ganglia User has +30 HP and is immune to stun and paralysis
Morphallaxis If the user is brought to 0 HP, they are resurrected with 25% HP and a Rutan ally with identical stats is generated with the same HP as the resurrected character. One use per game. Ally will leave after the game is over.


Rutan ships are crystalline and resemble glowing balls of fire. They have 25,000 armour and 25,000 shields, speed 60 and hyperspace travel.
Rutan ship1

A Rutan cruiser

Rutan ships can have the following weapons, though the most powerful are confined to their largest vessels:

Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy Blast Radius Notes
Lightning Cannon Other 1,800 3 1 in 2 10m
Crystal Beams Beam 5,000 1 1 in 1 45m
Shard Bombs Bomb 20,000 1 1 in 3 100km Bomb
AM Converter Other 100,000 1 1 in 2 1000km Anti-matter

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