The Skyhanger is an animal from the dying Earth.


The Skyhanger is an aerial ballonophore. Its body is a twenty-metre long feathered and crested sac with several atrophied eyes ringing it, four large ears (one at each corner), and a number of exterior siphons like those of a cephalopod for movement. The sac is filled with methane, allowing the creature to float several hundred metres above the surface. By releasing methane, the Skyhanger can lose altitude, and by allowing it to build up, it can rise.

It has six very long and thin tendrils, which have barbed ends. These hang down almost to the ground, and hook small animals which they touch. The tendril then reflexively curls up, pulling the animal right to the body where the Skyhanger's six-piece mouth will tear it apart.



Health: 300

Strength: 5

Stealth: 0


Health: 40

Strength: 15

Stealth: 3

A Skyhanger is composed of one floating body and six hanging tendrils.

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