The flood

Human Flood Creature

The Flood is a virus that exists in the waters on Mars. When someone drinks the water, or is touched by it, they are transformed into fearsome Flood Creatures, who exude water and can shoot jets of water from their hands and mouth, converting others.


Playable? No
Health base +20
Strength base +2
Stealth base -2

Flood Creatures take 120% regular damage from electricity-based attacks, and 110% damage from heat-based attacks.


Flood Creatures can shoot jets of infected water from their hands and mouth to change others into Flood Creatures. The process is irreversible, and takes place even if the person only touches one drop.

Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy Range Notes
Water jet - - 1 1 in 3 30m

Converts those who are hit; small area effect

Compatible SpeciesEdit

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