Demolishers are a character class. They focus on taking down heavy enemies, but require protection against light or fast troops.


Demolishers carry explosives. Explosives can be laid in melee if the character does nothing else that turn, and will then detonate whenever the demolisher triggers them.

Characters begin with three blasting charges. Further explosives must be bought, but not all will be available in all locations.

Name Damage Blast Radius RRP Notes
Blasting charge 50 (expl) 2m 10c
Gunpowder 40 (expl) 5m 5c
Dynamite 50 (expl) 6m 15c
C-4 80 (expl) 6m 20c
White phosphorus 70 (h) 5m 25c Causes burning
Corrosive bomb 40 (chem) 3m 30c Continues to deal damage to affected for three turns.
AP bomb 140 (k) 1m 35c
Nitro-9 140 (expl) 6m 90c
Antimatter Nanobomb 50 (h) + 60 (ex) 20m 250c
Megablastite 220 (expl) 25m 1000c

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