Anywhere you want. Any time you want. One condition: it has to be amazing.

- The Doctor
The Doctor Who Expansion is an expansion of Heroes of the Multiverses designed for a Doctor Who setting.
Doctor who title card

The current Doctor Who title card

Playable RacesEdit

Players can choose to play as any of the following races.

Character ClassesEdit

Some species can choose classes. Selectable classes are detailed on the species page.

Characters start with twelve attribute points (unless otherwise specified) that they can add to their original attributes.

Character EquipmentEdit

Most equipment rules can be found on their appropriate species or time period page.

Time travel equipment is listed here. Other general equipment is listed here.


At the GM's discretion, and with player approval, worlds from the main Multiverses game may be used. The same rule applies to fanon planets.

Time PeriodsEdit

Any character owning a TARDIS or Void Manipulator may travel to several different time periods- see DW: Time Travel. Time Corridors, in certain locations, can also lead to different time periods. Alterations in the timeline will result in Reaper attacks.

Notable factionsEdit

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