Flesh Thief Stats

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Flesh Thieves are a type of sapient who have entered the Viperius Galaxy.

A Flesh Thief, when born, is little more than a skull, spine and a brain.

However, as they grow, their parents attach the flesh from other creatures to their bodies, choosing the best musculature and bone, the right limbs for the job. They layer on more and more tissue as the creature grows, and determine the number of limbs, other appendages, and so on.

They can do this due to extreme cellular adaptability and proliferation. The blood vessels, nervous tissue, and organs are supplanted by Flesh Thief cells which take the genes necessary for function.

Flesh Thief AbilitiesEdit

Flesh Thieves cannot be Medics or Leaders.

When a Flesh Thief kills a foe, it can choose to 'Harvest'. If, during the next turn, they do not move, then they can regain 25 health. This cannot take them past their base level.

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Name Type Armour Shields Weapons RRP Notes
Scout ship Scout 220 60 Flechette cannon Must be taken
Command ship Cruiser 1200 240 As above, stun cannons, clamps as above


Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy Blast Radius Notes
Flechette Cannon Gun 20 10 1 in 2 0.5m
Stun Cannon Cannon 200 2 1 in 2 10m Stuns
Clamps Other - - - - Only used when within 50m, attaches ships