Health Range

105 - 130

Strength Range (unarmed)

20 - 30

Starting Planet


Gaedrongos are a sapient, spacefaring race from an unknown planet, that have settled on Dragovia. They are playable, and come with lots of unique weapons and armour that are otherwise virtually unobtainable.

For more information, see Gaedrongo on Multiverses Wiki

Weapons and ArmourEdit

By being Gaedrongo, you get any Gaedrongo equipment free.

Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy RRP Notes
Energy Gun L 70 (h.) 1 1 in 2 1000c Black market only, stuns
Heavy Assault Rifle M 75 (k.) 4 1 in 2 - BoK Gaedrongo
Plasma Rifle M 60 (h.) 1 1 in 2 - BoK Gaedrongo
Heavy Cannon H 110 (k.) + 65 (expl.) 1 1 in 3 3000c Black market only
Rapid-Fire Cannon H 90 (expl.) 4 1 in 3 3500c Black market only, causes Burning
Name Damage Reduction Notes
Gaedrongo Torso Armour 20% 5% to heat and electricity
Gaedrongo Spiked Armour 20% 5% to heat and electricity, 10 (sla.) damage to attacker when struck in melee
Gaedrongo Lord Armour 40% 20% to heat and electricity, 15 (sla.) damage to attacker when struck in melee
  • Torso Armour - 300c
  • Spiked Armour - 500c
  • Lord Armour - 1200c, black market only


Name Type Armour Shields Weapons RRP Notes
Cargoship Freighter 900 300 Pl. cannons, cannons 5700c
Battleship Battleship 2900 600 As above, assault guns 48000c
Carrier Carrier 4500 1100 As above 112000c


Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy Blast Radius Notes
Pl-Cannon Energy Gun 300 2 1 in 2 6m
Cannon Cannon 450 3 1 in 3 16m
Assault Gun Gun 210 5 1 in 3 2m

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