Geadrongo city

Layout and key

Gaedrongo cities are dotted over Tropica, on Dragovia. They all have roughly the same layout, with the exception of the position of NPCs. They are surrounded on all four sides by a wall, and they can only be exited via a gate.


Gaedrongo cities feature four important buildings.


Here you can buy weapons and armour.


Here you can hire a medic to become your ally. Medics cost 500c to hire, and another 50c everytime they are used in battle.


Here you can hire a scientist to become your ally. Scientists cost 450c to hire, and 75c everytime they supply you with a weapon or valuable knowledge.


Here you can hire a warrior to become your ally. Warriors cost 600c to hire, and another 100c everytime they are used in battle.


  • Prices are for Gaedrongo cities only.
  • If you cannot pay the hire price, your hired ally leave your party.