Another game set in the World War Z Expansion! Featuring Pinguinus as the Gamemaster, and Toothless as "<insert character name." Don't miss it!


You are standing in a deserted street in a small town. To the south, you hear the moaning of zombies. To the east, you hear the moaning of zombies. To the west, you hear the moaning of zombies. To the north, you hear an engine starting. There is a crow silently watching you.

I'm not sure if it's significant, but I'm gonna shoot the annoying crow, rolling a 6. Then I proceed north.

That was stupid. Crows will make noises when zombies come; it could have served as an early warning system. Instead, you made a loud, zombie-calling noise to kill it. :P Fifty feet to the north, you see somebody about to drive a large combat truck out of the town.

But crows are ominous :P I run towards the guy in the combat truck, shouting for him to wait.

He stops, and scowls at you. If you have an Influence of 4 or higher, he will stop and let you come along.

Influence... 4! Yes! I jump in the truck (despite having been told not to get in a stanger's car :P).

He begins to drive... south.

"Um, you're going the wrong way, mate."

He mutters under his breath. "Damn zombies. Killed my family. I'll show them. I'll show them all, if I die trying!"

Plan B. I get out my gun, shoot him (rolling a 4, if it really matters), open the driver's door, chuck his body out, get in the driving seat myself, and turn the truck around, driving it north instead.

You drive for a little while, when you see a young woman on the side of the road. She runs in front of the truck, and yells for you to stop.

(sigh) I guess I'm not that immoral. I stop the truck and ask what she wants.

Please stop. I need to get north, but this area is full of zombies. I won't survive if you leave me. Please take me with you.

She seems desperate.

Hrmm. OK. I let her get in, and continue to drive north.

You drive a little longer, when the car hits a bump and stops abrubtly. You hear air coming out of your tires.

Oh phooey. How far north am I?

A few miles. Suddenly, a group of armed men come onto the road, shouting for you to come out and hand over all of your possessions. There are 5 of them, all carrying baseball bats.

Make me :P I shoot through the windscreen, rolling 2, 4, 6, 4, 6. I guess that means I killed them all.

That you did, Armand. That you did. You find that they had placed a number of spikes on the road, which is what punctured your tires. You hear the moans of zombies coming from the north.

I hate them :P Zombies to the north? Phooey. I'll go north-west then, and hope I avoid them.

You head north-west. However, there are 40 zombies just ahead of you on the road.

Hrmph. Are there any cars I can jump onto and shoot them from?

Only your own.

That's fine by me. I jump on a car and shoot them. 2, 4, 4, 4, 6, 4, 2, 6, 2, 2, 2, 2, 6, 2, etc.

The woman shrieks and jumps up on the car with you, just as the remaining 15 zombies swarm around the car. Your pantsleg is bitten, and you start to lose your balance.

I push the woman off, hoping to distract the zombies. Then I regain my balance and start shooting again: 2, 2, 4, 2, 4, 6, 4, 2, 2, 2, 2, 6, 6, 2, 4.

Miraculously, the woman survives, and runs to the northeast. Three quarters of the zombies chase after her, while you dispatch the others with ease.

Is 3 Tech Skill enough to hotwire a car? If not, I continue walking north-east.

It is not enough. You continue walking for about an hour. You see a middle-aged man lying dead on the roadside.

Well that's a pity. Not much I can do for a dead man. I pass him on the other roadside, just in case he's faking, and continue walking north.

A large truck, coming from the south, pulls up next to you. A man steps out, and introduces himself as Bill. "Hello, there," says Bill, "I am a trader, from the south. I would like to trade with you, if you have anything worth trading.

"What do you have to trade?"

Weapons, books, food, water, information! Anything you need! Just say the word, and I can find it for you.

Do you have either a Greatsword or a Javelin AT Missile on you now? If you do, I might be able to trade with you.

I have both, but the Javelin is not for sale. However, I have an idea. If you will run a little errand for me, I'll give you both the Greatsword AND the Missle.

I shoot him in the chest (a 6, if it matters), then take the Greatsword and the Javelin AT Missile. Then, I continue walking north-east. (I am immoral :P)

As soon as you raise your gun, a flap in the truck opens, and five children with Mossburg 500 rifles aim at your chest. "Let's be reasonable," says Bill, "Do you want the Javelin or not? If you do the errand for me, you can have it.

Bah. Are there any zombies close enough to attract with a gunshot?


Bah. "What's the errand?" (BTW, children?)

Yes, children. "My eldest daughter got stuck in Da Nang city. Her name is Sally, and she is sixteen years old. If you can bring her back to me, I'll give you the Javelin and the Greatsword."

Where exactly in the city? (well, maybe not EXACTLY, but you know what I mean :P)

She was in the city's largest hospital when the outbreak struck.


Well then. I wander off whichever direction I need to wander off in.


You arrive in the city. The streets are eerily quiet. You see a booth with a number of tourist pamphlets. A city-wide map is likely to be found there.


I walk over to it and pick up a city map (assuming there is one).


The hospital's a couple of blocks to the north. A vandal has crossed out hospital and written in "Hell".


That sounds promising :P I walk into the hospital lobby, with my guns (whatever ones I have; I'll look it up) ready to fire.


Before you rush in, there's something I should tell you. A large yellow X has been scrawled on the door, followed by the words "Death Inside."


Again, that sounds promising :P I'll go round the back and look for a fire exit or a large window.


There is a fire exit. It too has a large yellow X and the words "Death Inside". You hear quiet shuffling from within.


Even worse. This guy's daughter is probably dead already. Anyway, about that large window...?


Don't worry, his daughter has 15 Marksmanship. :P There are no large windows, except those that are multiple stories up.


Is there a ladder lying around that I can use?


Oh yeah, cause people always leave ladders lying around in the street. :P If you want a ladder, you'll have to look for one... in a house.


I walk up to the nearest house and look for any 'death inside' messages.


There is no such message. Within the house, you find a ldder and a dead guy.


I take the ldder (:P) and return to the hospital. I lean the ladder against the wall and climb up to a large window.


You have three options. The first window reveals an empty room, the second a room packed with zombies. In the third you can see a teenage girl, dressed in a tattered hospital gown and clutching an M16 rifle...


Is the window open? If not, can I get it open?


The window is locked from the inside. You can either break the glass, or talk the girl into letting you in.


If I'm trying to bring her back to her father (assuming this is the right girl), smashing my way in won't be a good start. I talk to her and try and get her to let me in.


(It's the right girl). What do you say to her? I can't write her response without knowing what she's responding too.


(Aaargh. So complicated....)

"Could you let me in? Your dad wants you back, and I've been sent to get you."


She points her M16 at you. "Hmm, a thug I've never seen before wants me to go with him to an unknown place... I'm not that dumb. Get lost, creep."


(Woohoo. How brilliant that I didn't get anything to prove my authenticity with. S'pose you can't blame her, though.)

"Is there anything I can do to prove it?"


"Describe my fmily, if you really met my father."


"OK, your dad's called Bill, you're 16 years old, the oldest of his six children, and your name's Sally."


She scowls at you and cocks her gun. "Wrong. I turned 17 last week. Prepare to die!" Seeing the horrified expression on your face, she bursts out laughing. "Joking." She walks over and lets you in.


"Thanks. Now, seeing as your dad wants you back, should we go now? I assume you've been stuck in here because of the zombies...?"


"Yeah, the lower floors are completely infested and I don't have a ladder." She crawls up and sits o your shoulders. "Let's get moving, big guy."


(Is she a light 16-year-old?)

Anyway, I suppose I climb back down and start to walk back to where I met Bill.


Moderately light. You turn a corner; and are immediately confronted with a horde of zombies, numbering in the hundreds...


I run back the other way, then put Sally down to look at my map and find another way round.


There is a way, but it will take you through a number of dark alleyways and then through a patch of jungle.


Oh, how wonderful. Nonetheless, I don't fancy taking on hundreds of zombies, so through the dark alleyways we go!


Sally says some rather un-ladylike things when she steps on a broken beer bottle barefoot.

A thug steps out from behind a dumpster and points a pistol at both of you. "You two better hand me them weapons."


I roll a 5, a hit with my M24 Sniper Rifle. I can't give him the weapons, but I can give him the bullets :P (I don't suppose Sally could shoot as well?)


She opens fire, and deals 150 damage. "Dibs on his shoes."


"Was gonna give them to you anyway. Let's keep moving."


You walk a little farther, and come to the jungle. A military helicopter flies overhead.


Not sure if that's good or bad. Anyway, I guess we keep walking.


You'll probably kill me for this, but... a tiger leaps from the bushes. It deals 25 damage to Sally (tattered hospital gowns don't offer much damage reduction. :P)


I'll kill the tiger instead, much as I do not want to. I roll a 5.


As you walk, your foot is snared and you find yourself dangling ten feet in the air, your foot now attatched to a tree branch by way of a long rope. You can hear footsteps approaching...


If anyone/thing needs shooting, Sally will have to do that. I try and get myself out, with a Tech Skill of 3, if that helps.


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