a game for PV expansion, if hol ping or anyone else wants to join, holbenilord will be GMing


Choose your character and faction. Air strikes are available!

yuy 168: Seth crossman


You enter a large valley in China. You can see the DP base down below, and remember your mission- detonate a bomb within its reactor.

i hold my m911 in my hands, starting to climb down the valley.

The valley is steep and mainly scree- roll a 3+ to keep your footing.

i roll a 3, luck is on my side today

You reach the bottom of a cliff. There's an armoured column moving along the far road towards the base which would be very troublesome if you attacked once they were in.

I start running ahead attempting to get inside befroe them.

Remember your airstrikes :P

FIRE ( sorry id you dont want me saying this here, but join chat if you can, thanks)

(if i join chat, i'll be there for the rest of evening, which i can't do) You have to roll three dice- each 5 or 6 is an airstrike hit.

2 5 5

The Vehicles are completely destroyed by the VENOM drones. Now the DP troops are heading out of their base to investigate, meaning you'll have an easier time if you can get in.


i enter the building.

Inside, you see a DP warrior with a knife, unaware of your presence.

i attempt to sneak past the DP

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