An insane Atrenid known as Crazy Lezall of Petaurista has escaped from Cuckon Asylum! He has now recruited a veritable army of thugs and criminals and has made his own private fortress on Skrap.

There will be a reward of 1, 000 credits to anyone who can bring his head back to the authorities.

This is an open gameboard, so anyone can join in! I, Pinguinus will GM the game.


The two of you are standing in the desert of Skrap. You can see Lezall's base not far to the south, guarded by... twenty Skarg, all carrying Blazer Assault Rifles. There is also a Salsene with a Troll Grenade Launcher. As with Keraran Wars, please state the exact ammount of damage you deal to your enemies, as well as how many and which ones you are aiming for. Takes stress off of the GM. :)

I cause 180 damage to the Salsene from afar, and another 180 for a Skarg.

DISC GUN FRENZY! 10 hits. Assuming the Skarg wear Skarg Armour, it would take two shots to kill one, so five Skarg are dead.

There are many Skarg left. However, only a couple see you. They fire at Julma: 6, 4, 2, 1, and 5, 5, 2, 1. 3 hits, a total of 150 damage.

That is 30 damage after armour. I score four hits with the Disc Gun, killing two more Skarg.

I frenzy, causing 135 to 4 Skarg.

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