Jurassic Quest


Pinguinus as Gamemaster, Styracosaurus Rider as Pakk.

You stumbled through a rift, and found yourself stranded on the planet Dinoterra. (Unless you choose to play as a Raptor sapiens, in which case you'll be right at home.)

You are in a jungle. The sounds of strange birds can be heard. To the north, there are mountains. You hear the sound of starships to the south, and there is nothing but endless forest to the east and west.

I start to head south (in the hope that I will find help).

You come to a strange city inhabited by Raptor sapiens. One of them yells at you, and the city police comes after you. About thirty well-armed highly trained professional killing machines. Will you fight them, or will you flee?

Pakk dives for cover and readies his missile launcher. He speaks: "I only come in peace!"

A Raptor shoots you with a well-aimed tranquilizer (I rolled a 6). You are knocked out. You wake up hours later in a prison cell. There are video cameras on the wall tracking your movements. You cannot find your weapons. There is a guard outside your cell about ten feet away from the bars.

Pakk sits still for a while, trying not to attract any attention.

After a while, you are given a sword and are marched into a giant arena, filled with all kinds of monsters. Shall you march into the arena and fight, or will you attack the guards and fight your way out?

I'll march. Otherwise I'll die. Not that I won't in there. But you get the point.

You are attacked by a Carnager. I roll a 1, so it misses you.

I aim for the soft underparts. Rolled a 5.