A more Forum like RP. Not using dice or chance. Creative attacks are better idea for this. anyone can join at any time, just ask. use your signature after you post.

yuy168 The head Auctor 20:56, November 29, 2011 (UTC)


Ok since in Forum Rps, your character needs a backround fill out this bio format.



Short history:

Basic personality:



Standard courtesy applies, along with other rules

Autohitting is not allowed, when you automatically hit someone, it is common Rp courtesy if you allow an attack the attacker can get hit too.

Godmodding is taking control of another character. not allowed.


It was an ordinary day on Yeseg. At least it would have been. Castus Materialized in a back alley, much to the surprise of a lutrian bum. He shot up into the sky, monitoring, watching, waiting. A bolt of lightning streaked up from the ground. People screamed as Soulbane and Rothel Walked out of the solid ground. Castus Shot toward the ground. Hitting the dark ball of energy that was Rothel. As if by destiny one person remained, about to take his side," Rothel! It is OUT OF THE QUESTION FOR YOU TO BE HERE!" Resonated Castus, who was promptly swatted at by Soulbane.

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