An Irkaputh



Melee attack

15. Venom: 3

Ranged attack

Acid: 3 ex Scalding: 10 heat





Starting Planet


Irkapuths are a playable species from Ageriul. Irkaputh function differently to other playable species, due to their extremely small size. They are only able to wear a few types of armour and use a few types of weapon, but are extremely hard to hit and have naturally high accuracy. They can also use small types of vehicles to get around faster.


If using natural melee, an Irkaputh will use venom on an enemy if it rolls a 5 or 6 on a dice rolled before rolling to hit. This will give 5 extra damage on the bite, and cause 5 damage in the next two turns. If using ranged, roll a die before rolling to hit. 1 or 2 will roll acid. The others will roll burn. If a 6 is rolled, then the enemy will be blinded for 3 turns, which will require double the rolls to hit something if they are compatible. All of these attacks have an accuracy of one in two.

To hit an Irkaputh, you must roll twice. If both are a number that hits, the gun will hit. If an Irkaputh is in flight, you must roll three times instead. Special abilities for weapons require at least half of the rolls being the correct number.

When communicating to another Irkaputh, no sound is made.

Although this may seem overpowered, just remember that there are only a few weapons that will not outright kill a bare Irkaputh.

Equippable ItemsEdit

Common Equipment:


Combat Knife (treated as Heavy towards Irkaputh, Light towards enemy)

(If anyone knows a pistol small enough for it, feel free to add it)



Repulsor field

Anti-Laser Coating

Tower Repulsor

Irkaputh Equipment:


Irkaputh Pistol (30 damage, one-in-two hit ratio)

Irkaputh Sniper (60 damage, one-in-three hit ratio)

Irkaputh Flamethrower (20 burn damage, one-in-three hit ratio)

Antimatter Pellet (Grenade, 30 burn damage)

NOTE: Above weapons can be used by other species, but hit chance is halved. Can only be used by *INSERT SPECIES WITH SMALL FINGERS HERE*

Lazer Claw-tips (Melee, 10 electricity damage, 5 burn damage, 5 normal damage)

Battle Mask (Melee, 10 electricity damage, adds 5% armour, can be worn with other armour/melee)


Irkaputh Field (50% elec, 30% burn, 25% normal, can be worn with Irkaputh Armour, can be used by other species for 1/5 of effect)

Irkaputh Armour (25% normal, Irkaputh only)


If Cho'gar become playable, all Irkaputh equipment will work with them.

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