The final frontier...?

Kaventro is a paradise planet currently being explored by the Salsenes and the Atrenids. If you can get clearance, it is a land of great danger and opportunity.


Kaventro has a varied climate, and the temperature extremes in the deserts and polar regions (only very rarely) is enough to damage a character's health.


Several notable biomes exist on Kaventro.

  • Forest: Forests are easy to move around in, and temperatures are comfortable. However, they can hold many animal dangers.
  • Jungle: The thick Jungles can make movement difficult at times, and temperature and humidity are high.
  • Desert: Deserts have wide open spaces, but if it is particularly sandy, it can still be hard to navigate. It is also very hot.


  • The most dangerous hazard on Kaventro is without question the Terrorteeth. Thankfully, they are limited to the Epsilon Forest.
  • Flooding is a reccuring event in watery areas, and players can be swept away if they are not careful.



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