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Kerarans are reptilian centauroids that have formed a large empire across many different worlds. They are playable, but can only gain quests from other Kerarans. They cannot purchase items from non-Kerarans. Quests involving Kerarans can be gained from Lutrian, Salsene, Lentaa and Crotars military personel.

The Keraran starting world is Kerar, but free transport to other worlds is provided if the character joins the military.

To learn more about the Kerarans and their Empire, click here.


Keraran soldiers have bulky armor, which affords them 75% armor reduction against conventional damage, 50% against heat damage, and 0% againsts electricity or exotic damage.

They carry Force Guns into battle. Stats below.

Weapon Type Damage Shots/turn Range Accuracy RRP Notes
Brunt Pistol L 60 (k) 2 5-80m 1 in 3 - Available through looting Kerarans.
Force Gun M 100 (k) 2 20-300m 1 in 3 See > Available through looting Kerarans.
Force Repeater M 80 (k) 4 20-200m 1 in 3 - As above
Portable Might Cannon H 200 (k) 1 20-260m 1 in 2 - As above, area effect


Name Type Armour Shields Weapons RRP Notes
Fighter Fighter 500 300 Might Repeaters 1 glorious victory
Cargoship Freighter 3200 1000 Might repeaters -
Battlecruiser Battlecruiser 8000 2800 Might launchers, proton beams, Supremacy Cannon, Paramount Bombs 10 glorious victories


Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy Blast Radius Notes
Might Repeater Gun 120 6 1 in 3 4m
Might Launcher Cannon 500 2 1 in 3 20m
Proton Beam Beam 1500 1 1 in 1 5m
Supremacy Cannon Cannon 9,000 1 1 in 2 800m
Paramount Bomb Bomb 130,000 1 1 in 3 300,000m
Shrive Bomb Bomb 200 1 1 in 3 150m Only works against soldiers


Name Type Effect RRP Notes
Extra Armour Armour +10% armour 2000c
Improved Fuel Containment Drive +10 speed 2500c
Backup Power Cells Power +10% shields, +50 Proton Beam damage 1500c
Frag Shots Weapon Might weapon shots do +50 damage and have +20 blast radius 1000c
Shrive Bombs Weapon Your ship can use Shrive Bombs 2400c