Lentaa city
Lentaa cities are found all over Skogland, and with the exception of NPCs, all look roughly the same. They are walled on four sides with one gate.


Lentaa cities have six public buildings.


Here you can buy weapons and armour.


Here you can hire a warrior. It costs 650c, and another 125c for every battle they are used in.


Here you can hire a medic. It costs 600c, and another 100c for every battle they are used in.


Here you can hire a scientist. It costs 600c, and another 90c for every new weapon or piece of valuable knowledge they give you.


Here you can store bought weapons that you can't carry.


Here you may rest for only 20c, restoring all of your health without using a Medkit.


  • Prices are for Lentaa cities only.
  • If you cannot afford to pay a hired ally, they will leave your party.

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