Hazards are one of the defining features of the Project Vigilance Expansion. They are objects exhibiting unexplained and often very dangerous properties.

His SwordEdit

Melee weapon.

Name Type Damage Notes
His Sword M Base+100 (sla) See below

Special rules:

Quick Strike: The wielder of His Sword has 3x attacks in melee.

Parry: Only attacks or shots in which all dice have come up six can hit the wielder.

Dark AngelEdit


Health: Invulnerable

Strength: 100

Influence: 2

Stealth: 15

Marksmanship: 3

Zero crafting and tech skill.

Wields Dark Scythe

Name Type Damage Notes
Dark Scythe H Base+300 (sla) Hits all foes in melee

The Serpent That Cannot Be SlainEdit


Health: 1000

Strength: 90

Influence: 0

Stealth: 9

Other attributes are zero.

Regeneration: Every turn, the Serpent regains 100 health as long as this does not take it past base and the serpent is alive. If dead, the Serpent revives with 100 health after three turns.



Health: 8000

Strength: 290

Armour: 10%, 30% against heat

Other attributes are zero.

Toxic cloud: All biological entities nearby suffer 80 damage per turn. Ssaliss is immune to venom.

Miniature KrakenEdit

Will ally with any PV character.

Health: 80

Strength: 6

Armour: 20% against all

Stealth: 3

Marksmanship: 2

Special abilities:

The Miniature Kraken is immune to venom and burning. It counts as having the Ninja trait.

Weapons: Tentacles (base damage, blt)


Name Type Damage Shots Accuracy Notes
Ink L 2 (k) 1 1 in 3 Stuns


The gigantovirus turns normal creatures into giant versions of themselves.

Name Health Strength Stealth Armour Notes
Shrew 400 50 1 0% Venom (40)
Pseudoscorpion 360 60 0 20%
Human 660 66 3 1%
Spider 300 45 7 0% Spins invisible webs

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