Missions are the Quests of the Project Vigilance Expansion. They may require mission-specific abilities.


Your small detachment is heading through the city when shots ring out to either side. All three factions are here... and fighting to the death.
Skirmish map

Setup zones have initials on them. Loot counters are the dots. Light grey zones are impassable. Dark grey zones are high up and accessed only though the dark grey lines. Click for larger image.

Your group can be of any faction. Whichever faction you are act as your allies, whereas both the others are your enemies.



3 Operatives, 4 troopers, 2 technicians, 1 magician

Divine Path-

3 warriors, 5 troopers, 1 technician, 1 magician


3 Hunters, 4 Troopers, 1 magician


Available items are decided by the GM.

Primary ObjectivesEdit

Kill all enemies. Reward: $300

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

Single-handedly kill all enemy magicians. Reward: $50

Capture the SerpentEdit

PV only.

The Serpent That Cannot Be Slain has escaped. You must go out and recapture it!

You can use the air strike mission-specific ability.


Two PV Troopers (SCARs and M9 pistols)


Twelve DP troopers (AK-47s and M82 smoke grenades)

Two DP warriors (katanas and AK-47s)

Two DP magicians (Daos)

The Serpent.


GM decides loot, except:

There are three Javelin rocket systems located around the mission area.

Primary ObjectivesEdit

Bring the Serpent to zero health.

Secondary ObjectivesEdit


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