Health Range:


Strength Range (Unarmed) :


Starting Worlds:

Ishtar, Aristotle, Kaventro, Centro, Skrap

Salsenes are a race of sapient amphibians from the planet Ishtar. They have colonized many of the Emenata Universe's planets.

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Name Type Armour Shields Weapons RRP Notes
SAS Jet fighter 450 200 Mass cannon 2800c Atmospheric only
Scout Scout 650 250 Mass cannon, laser 4000c
Cruiser Cruiser 1400 700 Mass cannons, driven bombs, lasers 13000c
Battlecruiser Battlecruiser 2900 1000 As above and Helium bombs 30000c


Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy Blast Radius Notes
Mass cannon Cannon 400 3 1 in 3 20m
Laser Beam 300 2 1 in 1 2m
Driven Bomb Bomb 30000 1 1 in 2 90000m Atomic
Helium Bomb Bomb 100000 1 1 in 2 100000m Atomic

Starship Upgrades:

Name Type Effect RRP Notes
Extra Armour Armour +10% armour 2000c
Improved Fuel Containment Drive +10 speed 2500c
Backup Power Cells Power +10% shields, reserve power 1500c
Frag Shots Weapon Mass Cannon does +50 damage and has +40 blast radius 1000c