Health Range

105 - 125

Strength Range

15 - 30

Base Influence


Base Stealth


Base Marksmanship


Base Tech Skill


Base Crafting


Starting Planet


Scarabians are playable sapients that live on Dragovia. They start with one Scarabian melee weapon, one Scarabian ranged weapon, and the Scarabian Armour.

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Venom MechanicsEdit

Scarabian venom does +20DMG per turn. After two turns, the victim dies. This venom is injected on a six, and can be treated by a medic.


Scarabians own some extremely advanced technology.


Name Damage Accuracy Shots/turn Range Notes
Electro Claws (melee) base +50 (elec.) - - - Stuns
Electro Claws (ranged) 60 (elec.) 1 in 2 1 30-150m Stuns
Disc Gun 120 (k) + 50 (expl.) 1 in 3 5 50-250m Cannot be fired point blank
Stun Gun 10 (k) 1 in 2 1 1-25m Close range; stuns
Heat-Seeker M-Gun 100 (k) 1 in 1 2 20-300m 1 in 2 for cold-bloods
S. Rocket Launcher 200 (expl.) + 100 (k) 1 in 2 1 60-200m area effect
H-S Missile Launcher 200 (expl.) + 50 (k) 1 in 1 2 60-250m area effect; see H-S M-G
MTG stuns permanently 1 in 3 1 20-180m See below

Molecular Transfiguration Guns have no effect on armour with a +35% damage reduction.

Name RRP RRP (if Scarabian)
Electro Claws 1000c (black market) 450c
Disc Gun 8500c (black market) 1250c
Molecular Transfiguration Gun (MTG) 9000c (black market) 1500c
Stun Gun 500c (black market) 150c
Heat-Seeker Machine-Gun 2000c (black market) 550c
Scarabian Rocket Launcher 2500c (black market) 900c
Heat-Seeker Missile Launcher 8000c (black market) 1200c


Name Damage Reduction RRP Notes
Scarabian Natural Armour +5% - added to armour; 5% to heat
Scarabian Armour +45% 1000c (black market) 30% to heat and electricity