• Holbenilord

    This is a blog post because it is for everyone to look at. Recently there has been the suggestion that a new attribute, called Agility or something synoynmous, could be introduced to represent the ability to dodge in close combat, or get around a defender in attack. I do not want to go into the madness that would be grappling because no system to my knowledge has managed to produce a simple mechanic for it and HOTM has no movement system anyway.

    I personally like HOTM as a narrative-driven system where the dice represent the effects of chance, since human minds aren't very good at true randomness and tend to put undue stress on improbable things. I don't want it to be like the mass of rolling and modifying that I am told Dungeons and Dragon…

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  • Holbenilord

    100 articles!

    October 27, 2011 by Holbenilord

    HOTM has one hundred articles! Our little project ain't so little any more...

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  • Holbenilord


    September 1, 2011 by Holbenilord

    (Here it is)

    Equipment: Skarg Hand Cannon, Combat Knife, Skarg Armour

    History: Grenr was born in space, 23 years ago. His parents were both in a mercenary group- specifically, the Iron Skulls. He grew up travelling from world to world, often left on his own in the streets while his parents did jobs.

    Eventually, his father turned on his gang and killed Grenr's mother as well as the other mercenaries. He took Grenr away, aged only 6, and moved to the planet Penitis.

    His father got Grenr a place working in the quarries, with many other young Skarg. He didn't get on well, and spent much of his time fighting. Once, while he was working, a group of Iron Skulls visited and shot his father dead on a city street. The organisation gradually took over, a…

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  • Holbenilord

    Just Joined

    August 31, 2011 by Holbenilord

    Popped in. Should there be armour mechanics, different types of damage, shops?

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