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  • Pinguinus

    While Toothless and I were brainstorming possible concepts for the future KoT episode based off of "The Grave Robbers", the subject of the Krillitane homeworld was brought up.

    A quick search on Tardis Index File revealed that there is no canon information concerning their planet. Obviously it will have to be fanoned.

    Doing some quick solo brainstorming, I have come up with a couple of concepts for the Krillitane homeworld, which I will hereby refer to as Krillith simply because that sounds cool to me. I request input on which of these sounds best for our purposes.

    In this concept, Krillith has historically been a world rich in resources, and located in a strategic position in space. Because of this, the planet has been occupied over the centu…

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  • Pinguinus

    As we all know, most Multiverses articles have been deleted and moved to Shoutwiki. This at first boggled my mind. What is the in-universe explanation for this?, I asked myself. Well, after a long night of watching the Doctor Who season 5 finale, it struck me like a Dalek extermination beam. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the continuity. :)

    It all started in 4.000(.024) AM, when a Wazelian artist inadvertantly painted a picture of the TARDIS exploding. The painting went into private collections, and eventually came into the ownership of Nutay Rinkam, and old friend of the Doctor (he had helped her when the Daleks were posing as Zyrothan inventions during the Keel War). Using a timey-wimey phone, she called upon River Song.

    Alarmed by her new k…

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  • Pinguinus


    December 12, 2012 by Pinguinus

    Tanks are armoured vehicles used by many of the world's militaries for frontline combat. This blog post outlines key points of a tank's design, and suggestions of how to incorporate these factors into HotM stats.

    Tanks are usually controlled by four people; the commander, the driver, the gunner, and the loader. The tanks effectiveness will be drastically reduced each time a crew member is killed or incapacitated. However, the tank's armour will likely protect them from most weaponry.

    The key advantage of a tank is its armour, which allows the tank to operate under fire while still carrying out its objective. Most modern tanks, such as the M1 Abrams, use "reactive armour", which uses a minute explosive to adjust itself and thus recover from m…

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  • Pinguinus


    May 31, 2012 by Pinguinus

    Here, I wish to propose a new character class for Heroes o the Multiverses. If it is pleasing to thee, please copy and paste it unto its own article.

    Hunter is a playable character class. Hunters are able to perform outdoors with great efficiency.

    Due to their lifestyle requirements, Hunter characters start with +3 Stealth and +2 Marksmanship.

    Abilities can be used once per turn.

    Butcher: The Hunter can skin, cook, and eat a reasonably slain creature. For purposes of gameplay, it is assumed that most alien animals will be edible. This action restores lost Health.

    Track: The Hunter can study the ground, and thus learn what beings have been in the area, and where they went.

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  • Pinguinus

    Expansion Poll

    May 28, 2012 by Pinguinus

    This poll is meant to address a simple question: what should be the next HotM expansion?

    The Next Expansion Byaha Extreme Expansion Firefly Expansion Primeval Expansion Superhero Expansion Jurassic Park Expansion Medieval Universes Expansion Or shall we keep working on the Doctor Who Expansion? Or are any new expansions even needed?

    Feel free to add a new canidate.

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