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    Pinguinus said he was going to make a blog about this, but contacted me instead seeing as I'm the only really active user round here.

    Basically, we're considering having a mechanic for group vs group battles, to avoid an awful lot of complications and tiresome dice rolling. I came up with a basic method that may or may not work, which I explained on User talk:Pinguinus, and will explain below as well.

    Anyways, this blog is where I'm going try out a group vs group battle using the mechanic. I shall use 6 Cybermen vs 6 Sontarans. For simplicity, the Cybermen are all wielding basic Cyberblasters, and the Sontarans all have Sontaran blasters.

    • The entire group has the combined HP of all the individuals (for example, a group of five Daleks has 1000…

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    This is where I will do random brainstorming for the DW Expansion.

    I'm not going to brainstorm equipment, because I am not very good at that, but instead, these are a list of species that have no weaponry and/or armour.

    • DW: Blowfish
    • DW: Catkind
    • DW: Graske
    • DW: Krillitane
    • DW: Multi-form
    • DW: Ood
    • DW: Tree of Cheem
    • DW: Vinvocci
    • DW: Thals have weapons but no armour.

    Playable? No
    Health 125
    Strength 30
    Stealth 1

    Playable? No
    Health 100
    Strength 10
    Stealth 3

    Gelth are gaseous creatures. In their natural form, they cannot be harmed by physical damage, but are flammable and therefore vulnerable to heat attacks. They can also possess and animate corpses.

    The Vashta Nerada is a swam that resides in shadows, capable of stripping the flesh from a human in seconds. They often creat…

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    Rescue the Scarabians

    September 5, 2011 by Toothless100

    Rescue the Scarabians - see link for rules, objective and map.

    This quest can be done solo, and is part of my Solo RPG as Zemocy. When on the map, note that after Z, the next column is AA, AB, AC etc, etc. So, here is my attempt:

    • Zemocy moves from AE5 to AE6.
    • Zemocy moves from AE6 to AD10. He is on the glacier!
    • Zemocy moves from AD10 to AC11. You have rescued 1 scarabian!
    • Zemocy moves from AC11 to AC13.
    • Zemocy moves from AC13 to Z14.
    • Zemocy moves from Z14 to Z16.
    • Zemocy moves from Z16 to AD17. He is off the glacier! He is on the black ice!
    • Zemocy rolls odd! Zemocy falls through the ice and dies from the cold!

    Dammit. Stupid dice.

    Take 2:

    • Zemocy moves from AE5 to AE7.
    • Zemocy moves from AE7 to AE10. He is on the glacier!
    • Zemocy moves from AE10 to AC11. Yo…

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    Egg Thief

    September 4, 2011 by Toothless100

    Egg Thief - see link for rules, objective and map.

    Egg Thief is a quest on Dragovia that can be done alone. This is part of my Solo RPG, so check the main blog for rules, etc. The medic in this fight has 115 health. So, this is my attempt at Egg Thief:

    • Zemocy moves from D10 to E10.
    • Zemocy moves from E10 to G6.
    • Zemocy moves from G6 to M6. He is on the volcano!
    • Zemocy moves from M6 to N5.
    • Zemocy moves from N5 to P5.
    • Zemocy moves from P5 to R5.
    • Zemocy moves from R5 to T5. He is off the volcano!
    • Zemocy moves from T5 to Z8.
    • Zemocy moves from Z8 to AE8.
    • Zemocy moves from AE8 to AE13.
    • Zemocy moves from AE13 to AE16.
    • Zemocy moves from AE16 to AE20.
    • A male Poison Dart Serpent rushes out to engage Zemocy!
    • Zemocy fires his Energy Gun! Hit! Does 70 damage to Poison …

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    My Solo RPG

    September 4, 2011 by Toothless100

    As most listed quests on this site can be done solo, I have started a solo RPG as Zemocy. This is the narrative. Just note once I reach Z on the board, I call the next column AA, AB, AC and so on. Now, let us begin:

    • You are Zemocy. Your adventure begins in a Gaedrongo city on Tropica, in Dragovia. You can choose from the weapons Heavy Assault Rifle, Plasma Rifle and Energy Gun. You are wearing Gaedrongo Torso Armour. On the Dragovia world map, you are in D18. On the city map, you are in AD9.
    • Zemocy moves from AD9 to Y9.
    • Zemocy moves from Y9 to S9.
    • Zemocy moves from S9 to N9.
    • Zemocy moves from N9 to L9.
    • Zemocy moves from L9 to F9.
    • Zemocy moves from F9 to E5.
    • A poor family are occupying this hexagon. You talk to them.
    • Father: We are a poor, starving …
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