This is where I will do random brainstorming for the DW Expansion.


I'm not going to brainstorm equipment, because I am not very good at that, but instead, these are a list of species that have no weaponry and/or armour.



Playable? No
Health 125
Strength 30
Stealth 1


Playable? No
Health 100
Strength 10
Stealth 3

Gelth are gaseous creatures. In their natural form, they cannot be harmed by physical damage, but are flammable and therefore vulnerable to heat attacks. They can also possess and animate corpses.

Area Hazards

Vashta Nerada

The Vashta Nerada is a swam that resides in shadows, capable of stripping the flesh from a human in seconds. They often create extra shadows to hide in, which is a big clue as to whether they are nearby. Light can slow them down for a bit.

If you step into the extra shadows, the Vashta Nerada will get you. There is no escape. However, they cannot penetrate armour with a 33+% resistance.

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