Health Range

120 - 175

Strength Range

30 - 40

Verplaatsen are very powerful warriors that live in Earth-sized spaceships. They are not playable but can pose as enemies to the player. Verplaatsen sometimes have Verplaatslaves as allies.

For more information, see Verplaatsen on Multiverses Wiki



Name Damage Reduction Notes
Verplaatsen Armour +75%

Unequipable by others; 75% to all types of DMG except exotic; 10% to exotic damage


Name Damage Accuracy Shots/turn Range Notes
Obliterator Rifle 500 (ex) 1 in 3 1 20-180m
Explosive Machine Gun 120 (k) + 60 (expl.) 1 in 2 2 50-250m 2m blast radius
Flamethrower Machine Gun 90 (k) + 50 (h) 1 in 2 1 30-200m Causes burning
Automatic Machine Gun 100 (k) 1 in 2 4 50-280m -
Laser Gun 100 (h) 1 in 1 1 30-180m Laser, beam
Name Damage Notes
Four-bladed Serrated Edge Electric Sword Base +60 (sla.), 20 (elec.) Stuns
Spiked Hammer Base +70 (blt.) Causes bleeding
Axe Base +55 (blt.), 15 (sla.) -
Laser Spear Base +50 (prc), 20 (h.) -
Electro-Chip 30 (elec.) per turn -

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