Bases are buildings in the World War Z Expansion. They provide a place of security to players.

Some bases are more sturdy than others. A base with a Stability of 1 can be toppled by only around ten to fifteen zombies. A Stability of 2 takes an entire horde (usually around fifty to a hundred) to topple. A Stability of 3 cannot be toppled without heavy artillery.

House 2
Small Cabin 1
Chicken Coop 1
Fast Food Restaraunt 2
Military Base 3
Sturdy Bunker 3
Fallout Shelter 3
Prison 3
Airport 2
Barn 1
Bank 2
Bank Vault 3
Grocery Store 2
Warehouse 2
School 2
Police Station 2
Castle 3
Hospital 2
Museum 2
Car 1

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