Warbreaker cover

Cover art for Warbreaker.

Warbreaker is an epic fantasy novel by Brandon Sanderson. This expansion is an effort to create an RPG based on the world of the novel, Nalthis.

Warbreaker is available as a free eBook on Brandon Sanderson's website. Click here if you are interested in reading the novel. Information about Nalthis in general can be found at the Brandon Sanderson wiki.

Human StatsEdit

Essentially the same as in the Libraria Bestia-

Health: 75

Strength: 14

Agility: 2

Influence: 4

Stealth: 2

Crafting: 3

Tech Skill: 3

Playable ClassesEdit


Equipment from this setting is as follows-



Name Type Damage Skill Notes
Knife L Base+10 (sla) Knife
Short Sword M Base+20 (sla) Swordsmanship
Long Sword M Base+25 (sla) Swordsmanship
Hand-and-a-half Sword M/H Base+25/Base+30 (sla) Swordsmanship Can switch between medium and heavy
Claymore H Base+30 (sla) Swordsmanship
Battle Axe M Base+(five times a dice roll) Axemanship
Mace H Base+30 (blt) Macemanship
Spear H Base+20 (prc) Spearmanship
Halberd H Base+22 (sla) Axemanship


Name Type Damage Shots/turn Accuracy Range Skill Notes
Short Bow M 30 (k) 3 1 in 6 10-60m Archery
Long Bow M 50 (k) 2 1 in 3 10-150m Archery
Crossbow M 60 (k) 1 1 in 3 20-100m Archery
Sling L 40 (k) 2 1 in 6 5-40m Slinging


One jerkin or mail shirt can be worn under plate armour.

Name DMG reduction RRP Notes
Leather Jerkin 5% 5% heat red.
Chainmail 10%
Heavy Chainmail 15%
Plate Armour 20%
Artificer Plate Armour 25%


Name DMG reduction RRP Notes
Round Shield +10%
Heavy Shield +15%
Tower Shield +20% Cannot move while in use
Buckler +5% Does not take up a hand


Name Type Health Speed (/10) RRP Notes
Light Horse Ground 60 6
Draft Horse Ground 85 4
Knight's Horse Ground 75 5

Lifeless may also be purchased as allies. Breaths may be purchased by Awakeners, or sold by other classes.


This expansion is a work in progress.