Fall of Yonkers

The Battle of Yonkers

An expansion based in the zombie-infested world of World War Z. Can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Character CreationEdit

Characters can choose the following character classes.

Unlike in regular HOTM, only ten Attributes points are available to the players.


Zombies are relentless undead killers that can only be destroyed if their head is destroyed. To destroy the head, the player must roll a 5 or a 6. Characters with a +13 Marksmanship must simply roll an even number.

In melee combat, an even number is required to destroy the brain.

If a player is bitten, a die should be rolled. If the result is an even number, the zombie failed to infect the player. An odd number indicateds infection; a -10 venom is set into place. If the character's health falls to zero, he/she is reanimated as a zombie and will attempt to kill other characters. Standard zombie rules apply.


See WWZ: Weapons.

Weapons can be used to combat the Undead and defend yourself from Raiders.


See WWZ: Bases.

Bases can be used to protect players from hordes of the Undead while they rest and recover.